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Updated: May 31, 2018

"Not another Dollar Shave Club." That was my first thought when a sponsored post popped up on my Facebook feed, but, what made me stop scrolling was just how god damn pretty it looked, which led to me thinking about how pretty it would look in my new shower, what color I would choose?

Man, I'm a sucker for good marketing, and let me just say, whoever is head of design at billie, deserves a beautiful cocktail, the packaging is OUTSTANDING.

What's also outstanding is the price, while I have tried other razor subscription services at similar or lower prices points (Dollar Shave Club and Strawbrry), billie's razors screamed quality and their design is made to fit woman's curves perfectly.

So I clicked the 'Shop Now' button and began my billie journey.

Firstly, (and most importantly), Step 1 is choosing a razor shade - I picked 'Billie Blush.'

Secondly, billie wants to know your shaving habits, that way they can cater your subscription services to how regularly you shave. I chose (no judgment here, it's winter), 'A few times a

week' - this means billie will send me a new razor every two months (BTW, you get two razors heads, to begin with).

The third and final step (before shipping and payment) is optional, and you can choose to add a variety of products to your subscription service, including, The Shave Cream, Sudsy Body Wash or Dry-Bye Body Lotion. I decided to add the Dry-Bye Lotion, purely because of the packaging and because, winter.

Shipping is always free, so my total came to $21 (plus tax), shipping the day of purchase; billie has their shit together.

Delivery day arrived, a few days after payment and I was not disappointed, the packaging is impressive. Everything is restrained, featuring the colorful billie logo, a billie girl and the product name, simple yet effective.

The package includes the razor body, two razor heads, the Dry-Bye Lotion, billie information and a magnetic holder which you can place on your shower wall for easy shaving access.

The razor has a soap rim, so you can shave without the hassle of lathering up first.

The stand out for me is how sharp it is. Not scary sharp, however, unlike other razors, billie delivers the smoothest results I have ever seen - even my boyfriend (yes, we share razors!) mentioned how smooth it was!

The only thing that sucked was the pump on my Dry-Bye Lotion was faulty, so no product would be released when you pushed down on the pump. That said, billie's customer service is fantastic.

Rather than emailing the billie team through my account, I dropped them a DM on Instagram, and within minutes they replied.

This is what makes a good company a great company. If you have great people like this on your team, when problems arise, there's no back and forth, just ownership. Respect.

One more thing that needs mentioning is there 'Pink Tax Rebate,' this added extra allows you to create a referral code that you can share and when that code is used, it will be put towards your next billie purchase.

Get yourself smooth with a billie razor - use my code while you're at it.


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