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Updated: May 31, 2018

I first came across Rocksbox when a sponsored ad popped up on my Facebook feed. Finally, a sponsored ad that wasn't trying to sell me baby items when the only I babies I have are fur!

It was speaking my language, with words like Kate Spade, House of Harlow, Jenny Bird, and before I knew it, I had access to my very own digital jewelry closet.

Soon, this digital experience became a reality, with a subscription box delivered to my door filled with shiny goodies to wear for as long as I like and if I love it, I can purchase it. Not in love? I can return it and have another box delivered soon after.

To fully understand the benefits of Rocksbox, let me break down the subscription model.

The cost is $21 a month for three items - easy.

What gets a little confusing is, while you're paying $21 a month, you're not necessarily getting a rocksbox every month.

Rocksbox wants you to be happy with your pieces, so they allow you to try on three items keep them for as long as you want, and when you are ready, you can purchase or return them.

It's only when you return the rocksbox you will receive a new one.

So you may hold on to a rocksbox for a few months while continuing to pay $21 (I guess it's like a renters fee). Or you may receive it, and decide none of those pieces is your style, send your box back (with the supplied return slip) and update your style profile and receive a new one.

It's a smart model and allows you to control how much you get out of the subscription service.

The Perks 

Every month your account is loaded with $21 worth of 'Shine Credit,' giving you a discount on any piece you want to purchase. Pretty generous.

FYI - Prices vary, but you're looking at around $35 - $65 per piece. `​​


You can also share a promo code that gives your friends their first month free, and you'll receive $25 in credit for each one that signs up. (That being said - use my code 'hannahdbff10' for your first month free!).

One more perk - When your birthday comes around, you'll receive an extra $10 that will remain in your account until you spend it!


Right from the start, the unboxing experience is a pleasurable one. Each Rocksbox arrives at your door with their branded blue box and gorgeous pink ribbon.

They are smart in that they have made sure that the box is sturdy yet desirable, so when you've finished with your first box and give it back to them, the Rocksbox team can recycle it and send it off to the next consumer.


Once untie the pink ribbon and open the box, you can immediately see the effort they have taken to make it a personable experience.

Along with the personal greeting, there is a small leaflet that explains what pieces you will find in your rocksbox and a note from the CEO.


Each piece comes carefully enclosed in their faux velvet pouch; however only one was

branded - which I'm guessing was the most valuable one.. 

​​Once opened, I received a House of Harlow Necklace + Jenny Bird cuff + a Slate Choker.


Let's break it down piece by piece.



This 16" gold tone piece with smokey grey paved detailing is quite nice, however not my style; anything that tries to look like 'real diamonds' I tend to stay away. Also, necklaces with any gold tone do not reflect well on my skin coloring.

Thinking that my stylist got it wrong, I went back to check my style profile and realized a lot of what I had selected was in the gold and rose gold family.


VERDICT: I will be sending this piece back, it's not something I would ever reach to wear.



When I initially saw this, I was disappointed; while I don't mind bracelets, it's not something I am drawn to when shopping for jewelry. However, once I put it one, I was surprised at how much I loved it.


This just highlighted the importance of having a stylist, as they choose items you may not want yourself, allowing you to branch out and experiment a little.

VERDICT: While I was pleasantly surprised upon receiving it - I didn't actually wear it that much. I will be sending it back.


I Loooove me some chokers. I have a few already, so when I saw that this, I was like Yaaaas.


That was until, I tried it on.

I so wanted to fall in love with this piece, but the connected chained designed, pressed tightly up against my neck, made it look as though I was wearing barbed wire.

Not cute.


Despite not having any 'connection' with the pieces, I really did enjoy my first Rocksbox experience and will continue with my subscription box.

If you're in a similar position and have yet to purchase or fall in love with any of your items, take the time to update your style profile and help the Rocksbox team of stylists curate a box that you will love.

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