Lashes for days with Lash Stick

Updated: May 31, 2018

Just got my hold little hands on the latest invention from the beauties at Glossier. Nothing makes me happier than receiving the pink bubble wrap goodness, and I can never have enough of them.

So Lash Stick, what's there to say? It's a lengthening mascara that has tiny fibers that are supposed to give you 'baby-extensions.' It's also 'water-resistant' not waterproof, so you can shed some tears without looking like LC from the hills.

Retails for $16 and you get 8.5g in a Glossier pink tube. (Get 10 % off with my code '' )

The formula brush is plastic, and the wand is quite fine, not what you expect from a lash wand that promises curls.

If you look up close, you can actually see tiny little fibers.

When you first apply, you immediately notice it's not super black; however, it's very buildable, so your lashes look noticeably thicker and darker.

My lashes are very straight unless I curl my lashes first; otherwise, there is no way any mascara (no matter the curling promises) is going to give me a long-lasting lift.

Beware, the mascara does dry quite quickly, so while you can build, you have to work fast.

The only negative, my lashes didn't hold the curl, but there's no crumbling or transfer, something I often suffer from at the end of the day.]

I wouldn't say it's easy to take off, it's much like any other mascara removing process.

Overall, I think this is my new fav.

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