Get a piece of the Beauty Pie

Updated: May 31, 2018

Hi, my name is Hannah, and I have a makeup obsession problem.

I can spend hours upon hours happily scrolling the internet for the next best eyeshadow palette that is basically the same as all the other ones I own, but this has a new shade of taupe that I've never seen before! Whatsmore, when I look at the latest offerings from Tom Ford, I laugh at the price, next minute, I'm on Sephora adding 'Shade and Illuminate' to my cart.

So where does Beauty Pie fit into all of this? They're a $10 a month subscription service that gives you access to high-end beauty and skincare products at factory prices, PLUS they give you $100 in credit to spend!

So how does it work?

I could explain it, or I could just show you this marvelous diagram.

Long story short, Beauty Pie goes to the same luxury beauty suppliers, takes the same products we know and love and skips the middleman, so you pay for luxury items with 0% markup.

The price difference is mind-blowing and will make you angry at the company and yourself for paying that much money for something that doesn't come close to the RRP.

I know what you're thinking, that you can go crazy and load up your Beauty Pie basket with a million different products because everything is so dang cheap, right? Wrong. That $100 credit is matched up against the RETAIL price, not the member's price.

Confused? I was. Let's whip out another Beauty Pie Diagram.

So as you can imagine, before you know it, you are four products in and you're over budget; however, I do understand why Beauty Pie has put that limit into place. If one were able to spend their $100 on factory prices, you would have an influx of eBay sellers purchasing the product and wrapping it up as a MAC product and making a significant profit.

Anyway, let's get to the good stuff.

You can lose yourself in this site; there are lots of products to choose from, I decided to stick with three products, all of which I needed - a blending brush, lipstick, and a mascara.

As you can see, included in the breakdown is the monthly membership and shipping. The total price is somewhat comparable to a trip to the drugstore.

In total, I saved $67.34

From what I can gather, BP is based in the UK, so shipping took a little longer than I would have liked. Within ten days I received my items.

The products arrived, each packaged in sleep black, plastic design, along with the Beauty Pie logo.

The lipstick (package wise) is beautiful. I love how the BP logo is embossed onto the bullet; it detracts from the plastic, lightweight packaging. The color itself is too pale for me, I've found it only works if I layer it over a darker lipstick. Beware, this is transferable.

Next up, the mascara. My needs are simple, volume - I have plenty of lashes, however their dead straight and need a bit of help. The tube itself is way to big, taking up a lot of space in my makeup drawer. The consistency is also very wet, which is common with the volume boosting mascaras, I find the best results come after a few weeks of use when the product has dried up a bit. I do like it, but I have had more success with drugstore mascaras.

The stand out for me was the blending brush. At first glance it doesn't look like much but, once applied and used for its purpose, my eyeshadows have never looked better.

Overall, Beauty Pie is worth the experience, however, I don't know if it's sustainable.

The idea that Beauty Pie's products are the same as the luxury products we pay big bucks for kind of gets lost when you receive the products. What I think Beauty Pie forgets is one of the reasons (for me, anyway) we pay big bucks for luxury products is the experience it comes with it - the packaging. High-end items have a nice weight; they're beautifully designed, you want people to see it. So for me, Beauty Pie doesn't compare, it's more like a drugstore comparison and these days drugstore products are pretty amazing.

I will give it a few more months. The skincare interests me.

Have you tried Beauty Pie?

UPDATE: I've canceled my subscription, while it is good value, I don't see myself needing a beauty pie product every month, I asked if they had a 'skip a month' option, but they don't. If you're a makeup artist just starting out, this could be a great way to build your kit.