Bae-sic with KKW

Updated: May 31, 2018

Now be honest. Reach down into your contoured, avocado toast, selfie-lovin' self and tell me how much you relish seeing anything Kardashian. Coz I do. I stand proud and always double tap any Kardashian Kreation, so when Kimmy came up on my IG feed announcing her latest fragrance range, I was sold.

One thing the Kardashian Krew do best is PR, whoever is behind that PR machine (Ms. Kris Jenner, I'm talkin' bout you) is a God damn genius!

Soon after Kim's fragrance post, her IG stories were full of heart-shaped cakes that were sent to lucky influencers and besties, that could smash open the cake which was filled with heart treats and the perfume.

What was even juicer, was her mail list. Each perfume was given to a specific person based on the perfume name (Bae, BFF + Ride or Die), and poor, poor Bae, that was set aside for her frenemies, namely Taylor Swift and Blac Chyna - genius.

So I decided to purchase.

Not surprisingly, no one wants to be on Kimmy's frenemy list with Bae being the only option. Don't worry guys; I will gladly be on the naughty list.

The shopping process was nothing new, what's funny, however, was the need for KKW to point out that lucky buyers would not be receiving the beautiful cake and hammer.

Within ten days I received my order.

While I didn't think I was going to receive a PR cake, I felt that KKW could at least put it in a nice box, add some glitter, even some tissue paper would've been nice.

But no, it was a ULINE box, with Bae inside.

Besides that, the perfume is much higher in quality than I thought. It has a nice heavy weight with no plastic in sight.

What's even more surprising is the scent. Kim says you should find notes of mandarin and kiwi, and I do! It's sweet, but not sickly.

The size is also small enough that you smell like Bae all day (Note, I'm well aware that Bae is Swedish for poo).

Any regrets?


Love you Kim x

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